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Raised in a quaint Kansas town, my early years were filled with a passion for outdoor sports, ranging from football and baseball to track & field and tennis. As I entered my mid-20s, the 60s and 70s shaped my laid-back outlook on life, coinciding with the onset of the computer age.

During my college days, securing a time slot in the computer room was essential for experimenting with these colossal machines that used microfiche media. My career journey led me to Milwaukee, where I programmed robotics for the construction of roads ahead of our troops—an intriguing role that fueled my fascination for technology.

My professional path was marked by strategic choices, taking on assignments that not only enriched my Management Information Systems (MIS) expertise but also paved the way for entrepreneurship. Collaborating with Fortune 500 giants like Xerox, Abbott Labs, Harnischfeger, Ross Abbott, and Ross Perot Systems, alongside numerous smaller enterprises, I contributed significantly to diverse projects.

Having ventured into both online and brick & mortar businesses, I now helm my consultancy, specializing in crafting and optimizing online marketing systems for businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Though semi-retired, my days are filled with pursuits I love—fishing, hunting, outdoor cooking, and savoring good food.

Married for over thirty years, my wife and I adopted two siblings who have now grown into adulthood. The joys and challenges of parenthood are all too familiar! With over 40 years of experience in MIS, B2B lead generation, B2A lead generation, website funnel building, and database marketing analysis, I’ve collaborated with notable clients such as Xerox, Harnishfeger, Meritor, Abbott Labs, and AMFFHC.

Presently, I continue to provide cutting-edge solutions through my company, with a focus on business funding. Each chapter of my journey has contributed to the tapestry of my diverse professional background, and I look forward to new adventures on the horizon.

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  1. Hi there

    Lucky you, in my school days,we still did not have any computers(makes me sound ancient I know).

    I can see you have a love for the outdoors, I’m sure from your outdoors love like fishing, outdoor cooking, and hunting, you`ll be able to help many people looking for advice and outdoor gear.

    I`m glad you, didn`t stop after retirement but still go out there to help people on business funding.It`s lovely to know you are doing it from a point where it`s fun, not because you must do it.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us about yourself.

    You have a wonderful day.


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